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Me and Liz already went there last year when I still didn’t know anything about diving, and a posteriori I may say that snorkeling few meters away from the beach of Chaya Dhonveli could’ve been the first push towards my underwater journey, such an exciting experience it was.

We were somwhere on the water villas on top-right

With the memory of the splendid waters we decided to go once again, but this time “upgrading” a little our stay. As we did the first time again we booked through Vermillion, that I strongly suggest due to its variety of choices and the very good customer service. The resort this time is the Medhufushi Island Resort, a so called 5 stars.

No, that's not our villa, that's the Spa

I can’t complain at all, but considering all what you take into account when organizing an holiday I’m sure next time (because there will be a next time) we’ll go back to Chaya: at the end we go to Maldives to relax and enjoy the beach, the water and the marine life. These three things do not depend on how many stars the resort has… The only thing we care (Liz more than me) is that we have to enjoy the FOOD; which in Chaya is great, if you compare it to the difference in price with this other resort!

But let’s go back to the dives now!

The diving center is belonging to the Werner Lau chain and everybody is extremely professional. The divemasters Sammi and Elsa (you can check on them here) are really cool and I wish them all the best for their project of opening in the southern Spain their own center.

The diving center

Within the luck of diving in Maldives I’ve been quite unlucky tough: there are 29 different sites that can be reached from the resort, some are for easy dives, some for drift dives and some for current dives.

Current dive!!! I want it!!! The first day I subscribe it right away, but the guy at the shops looks at my logbook and says “I don’t think you have enough experience to do it, it is better to start with an easy one and see how your skills are”.

I think, pity but ok, there will still be tomorrow!

I go for my dive at MANTA&MORE (courtesy of Werner Lau):

During the season from May to December Mantas can almost always be sighted with their offspring, busying themselves around the numerous cleaning stations at 10 – 15 metres. OF COURSE I WAS THERE IN FEB AHAH!!! (ndr)

The gentle slope from 15 – 30 metres is adorned with coral formations and is the home of barracudas, napoleons, sharks and tunas. This spot is a natural meeting ground for numerous other big fish.

In ideal currents it is a dream to dive here.

You can read more about it here.

It is an amazing experience, the visibility is maybe 25m and I feel like I don’t want to come up, it is too beautiful!!!

But after 45mins of bottom time it’s already time for the safety stop.

Manta & More

At the end of the dive Sammi tells me that yes, I can join the current dive, if I’m lucky to get one the day after. But I’m not, sigh! There will be another easy dive for me. This also because I want to spend some time with my wife as well, so I limit myself to one dive per day.

The Manta I didn't see...

The next dive is TRIPLE ROCK (courtesy of :

Triple Rock consists of three small Giris at west of Medhufushi. At about 10 meters, eaves are going up to the east. To the southeast there is a plateau with large coral formations 15 meters. Macro photography lovers will be delighted with what you can find on this site. In this magnificent area live schoals of fish, from fusiliers, surgeon fish to king mackerel. Here you can see all kinds of fish. In central Giri you can find soft corals and clams killer.

Triple Rock

I realized only at the end that the hoze of my BCD was disconnected for the whole duration of the dive… Well, it was a great exercise for buoyancy control, no?

Well, up to Feb 2011 these two dives have been the best ever, and for sure I’ll be back to try the current dive, maybe in a liveaboard, who knows…

final vote: 9/10



  1. Maldives .. its become a tradition that we have to pay a visit at least once a year:))) Regardless Diver or not Diver .. But Of course now DIVER!!!!!! (ssi by the way) LOL:)

  2. How do you like it?
    hope u enjoy

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